SWIM (Seniors with Inquring Minds) Meetings are Informative

New Seniors With Inquiring Minds (S.W.I.M.) board members have been elected. New president Delia Itanen brings to the board her nurse/educator and business experience, with a goal to increase membership. “I am proud to lead this group dedicated to keeping their minds alert and active,” she said.

Vice President Tom LeCoq con- tributes marketing and training experi- ence to increase visibility. Diane Dungian was elected treasurer, Ruby Baker as Secretary, and outgoing president Sally Landis remains on the board.
S.W.I.M. is a member directed, learning in retirement organization. Swim members usually create their own programs and/or have outside speakers teach on a wide variety of topics:

  • Aug. 9 1:00 pm – American Hall of Shame – an embarrassing incident in our political history,” by SWIM member Sally Landis. 2:30 program TBA.
  • Aug. 16 1pm -“The Affordable Care Act as it Relates to Seniors with Medicare,”byDougShaw;2:30- Live performance of “Queen Esther and her life” by SWIM member Roseann Smith.
  • On August 23 there is no speaker;
  • August 30 they are dark – No meeting!

Guest speaker Douglas Shaw is a HICAP/Health Insurance & Advocacy Program Counselor. He will outline The Affordable Care Act, especially as it relates to seniors. He is state-registered, and offers unbiased group seminars about Medicare and other related health insurance. Trained extensively on Medicare rules & regulations, HICAP Counselors are expert at helping people understand options to maximize benefits.

SWIM meets Fridays at 1 p.m. at Trinity Church, 16138 Molino Dr. (off La Paz Dr) in Victorville. For more informationcallColleen Velander at (760) 240-5425 (email color99@verizon.net) or Delia Itanen at (760) 946 1586 (email delia@ditanen.com).

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