Getting to Know Community Leader Becky Otwell

Rebecca Otwell moved to the High Desert in 1951 with her parents Millard and Betty Blunt, and brother
Douglas, joining her grandparents, and two uncles and aunt already living here.

She attended Irwin School and then Victor Jr. High. Her parents bought a restaurant on West Main Street in Barstow, called The Blunts Spa, and so she attended Barstow High School.

Upon moving back to Victorville, her parents took their Real Estate license and opened Blunt Realty in 1965.

Becky held various jobs in historical places like the original A&W on 7th Street, and also at Victor Bowl on Victor Street in Victorville. She went to work for Thriftimart grocery when they opened in 1965, raising her family of four children, the Adams family: David, Debi, Kelly and Robin.

She met her husband, Leroy Otwell, at Thriftimart and upon marrying, their family grew with his two boys, Danny and Michael. Becky worked the opening of Safeway as non-foods manager and was moved up to “close up and in charge,” doing the books, which made her work the 3 pm to midnight shift.

Getting her Real Estate License in 1978 and working for her dad, she was sure she could do well if she worked the same number of hours, and would be able to spend more time with her family.

She opened her own office in 1982, called Prudential Realty, and in 1988 was blessed with the purchase of ERA Stanford Realty, continuing to grow from there. Leroy received his license in 1984, and they have been working together ever since.

When Prudential went into real estate, there was a dispute over the name, and so Becky and Leroy approached Bob Sher and Caroll Yule about working together and paying for the name in 1995.

Bob Sher retired and they were able to work with Caroll to buy out Bob’s share. Leroy and Becky own the two Hesperia offices, the Phelan office, Rancho Cucamonga, and the commercial office on Hesperia Road in Victorville. They are partners with Caroll Yule in the Apple Valley and Spring Valley Lake offices.

Getting into real estate gave Becky the time and flexibility to do more in her community. She says she spends about 30 percent of her time volunteering.

She is a former president of the San Bernardino County Fair Board, and was a director of the fair board in 1992, appointed by then Governor Pete Wilson.

She is a former director of the Hesperia Chamber board, and ex-director for 18 months.

She served as president of the SBC Friends of the Fair, and is a past president of the Hesperia Kiwanis, and member since 1988, now serving as treasurer.

She serves on the board of the Hesperia Police Activities League, and is a past president of Hesperia Property Owners, that was active before Hesperia became a city.

She also serves on the SBC Museum Commission, and the Victor Valley Museum Board, and is president of the High Desert Association of Realtors.

Becky was honored in 2012 as Woman of the Year by the State of California by Tim Donnelly (59th District), and in 2013 by Steve Knight, 36th Assembly District.

Becky enjoys playing Dale Evans for Night at the Museum, and also plays Mrs. Santa with Curt Emick as Santa in the Victorville Christmas Parade.

Becky’s office is at Shear Realty, 14411 Main Street, Hesperia, (760) 956-2361.


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  1. What happened to Blunt’s Spa? Did Millard fight against the destruction of Route 66 by Eisenhower’s Interstate system? Was the Interstate Law ever challenged on Constitutional grounds? Does the Federal Government owe #WeThePeople of Barstow reparations as were paid to Japanese Americans? When did the Repuplican Party stop respecting the Constitution?

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