A Month of Silence For Memorial Day

In these times of polarized, pugnacious pundits of doom and gloom, it strikes me that the finest most honorable tribute to our fallen warriors would be a month of silence. commencing today and running two weeks after Memorial Day, so as to fully memorialize the depth of the meaning of the day, beyond a 3 day vacation bash.

Naturally one would not retreat as a monk, but the silence I envision would be a nationwide fasting from all political opinion and identity politics—none of which ever exist on a battlefield. Turn off all talk radio and cable news for 30 days in respect for the men and women who sacrificed their lives for the very existence of those entities. Show the world that we are united as Americans first, not because we have an opinion that trumps our neighbors. Loud opinions in combat are a security risk. So lets for one month imagine we are in combat for the soul of America and silence ourselves, knowing that we will not shrivel up without a pronounced proclamation of our position on the state of nation. That would sound trumpets of respect for the fallen warriors.

“Homo lupus Homini.” Man is wolf to man. We must find a way to mute the mounting rude and ruthless incivility that has become acceptable and oddly laudable. It is said that, “evil thrives on resistance,” making silence the only antidote to the chaotic cacophony that is subsuming the nation. The last degenerate Emperor of Rome in 509 heard the same angry wailing on the way out.

War shows no sign of lessening. From the Peloponnesian Wars. to the Crusades through the French Revolution, two World Wars, endless Revolutions amongst nation states, to the ongoing undeclared wars of assimilation in  Korea , Vietnam and now 15 years in the tribal quagmires of the return of Ottoman Empire, , there has always  been a dislike of the unlikes.  Whites against blacks. Christians and Jews, Muslims and Jews, Catholics and  Protestants, Irish and British. Yet, in all my years,  I have not witnessed such  a brutal inhumanity to our own. All being aggrandized by a voyeuristic media.

The only First Amendment antidote to this calamity of voices that are not folding into anything fruitful or formative for posterity, is silence.

“Only the dead know the end of war.” Plato

In honor of Memorial Day 2016, lets imitate the deceased with our silence, they may hear such a tribute.

Victor Valley Animal Protective League in the News

Dogs on the Go Pet Adoption Vehicle

The Victor Valley Animal Protective League (VVAPL) humane society introduced its first mobile adoption vehicle to the public on February 13.

Called “Dogs On the Go,” the vehicle can showcase 25 pets, it’s debut took place at PetSmart in Apple Valley during Pet Smart Charities’ National Adoption Weekend. The vehicle was donated by Southwest Gas.

A ribbon cutting ceremony kicked off the showcasing of this first of its kind vehicle in the High Desert, vehicle. Afterwards, attendees were able to get a look at some of the pets up for adoption through VVAPL.

Every month Dogs on the Go will travel to different locations throughout the area bringing adorable adoptables to a neighborhood near you!

VVAPL is a nonprofit and was the first animal shelter in the Victor Valley. Since 1958, VVAPL has rescued, sheltered and found homes for unwanted animals.

Their clinic provides vaccines, spay/neuter, dental and microchip clinics, pet therapy, and C.A.R.E.S. outreach education programs in schools, senior facilities and health and safety fairs.

VVAPL Humane Society is located at 21779 Zuni Road, Apple Valley, CA 92307. Call (760) 247-2102, or visit http://www.vvapl.com for more information.


Employee Giving Programs Help

Giving back and making a positive impact in local communities is part of the mission of many companies.

One way to accomplish that is through employee charitable giving programs, providing employees the opportunity to support local nonprofits through one-time gifts or ongoing payroll deductions.

VVAPL Humane Society is thankful and humbled by the generosity of employees from two giving programs – Disney VoluntEARS Community Fund (DVCF) and Southwest Gas Corporation’s Fuel For Life.

For over 30 years, Disneyland Resort cast members have focused on providing meaningful service to their communities. Cast member Rachelle Allen recently nominated the humane society to receive one of the many grants given to Southern California nonprofits through the Disney VoluntEARS Community Fund.

VVAPL was awarded $5,000 to help with Chip and Return, a low-cost microchip program launching in March.

“A microchipped pet has a greater chance of being reunited with their family if found,” said VVAPL Executive Director Kathy Williamson. “Thanks to DVCF, we’re able to provide this much needed, low-cost resource to pet parents.”

Southwest Gas encourages a culture of giving, and their employees have a long and proud history of making a meaningful difference in the communities they serve.

This year, through the Fuel For Life program, the generous SWG employees donated $11,881.71 to VVAPL, which will be used to support the humane society’s community and adoption programs, such as their Dogs on the Go

Mobile Adoption Vehicle. The humane society was also honored to be highlighted in the Fuel For Life Campaign video, which can be viewed at www.swgas.com/en/charitable-giving.

VVAPL Humane Society is a nonprofit located at 21779 Zuni Road in Apple Valley. For information call 760/247-2102, visit www.vvapl.com to view animals, and like us on Facebook.

County Board Meets Goal of Housing Homeless Veterans

Six months ago, the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors conducted a special study session on homelessness and vowed to find housing for all homeless military veterans in the county by the end of 2015.

A total of 401 veterans were identified as homeless and a County-led advisory group of community and private partners went to work on finding permanent housing for all of them by Dec. 31, 2015. By Thanksgiving, all 401 veterans had their housing issues solved, along with about 100 other homeless veterans who became homeless or moved into the county after the count.

“Our veterans made a commitment to all of us when they served our country,” said James Ramos, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. “We will stand by the commitment we’ve made to our veterans by finding them permanent housing. I’m proud to say we achieved and exceeded an important goal, but there is so much more work to be done on homelessness in our county.”

Despite finding housing for approximately 500 homeless veterans, about 100 veterans who became homeless after the count or moved into the county during the past several months remain without shelter, demonstrating the challenge extends beyond the goal set and reached by the County.

“The transitory nature of homelessness means the numbers of homeless people in the county changes day to day,” said Fifth District Supervisor Josie Gonzales, who serves as Chair of the Interagency Council on Homelessness. “But the model used to tackle the homeless veterans issue worked and will be applied to assist other sections of the county’s homeless population.”

“The County has developed an effective strategy to get homeless veterans off the streets and into permanent housing, and we will continue applying that strategy to help as many veterans as possible rebuild their lives and break out of the cycle of homelessness,” Second District Supervisor Janice Rutherford said.

The Board of Supervisors applied existing resources to find housing for all the homeless veterans, but this time, the focus changed on how the resources would be applied. For instance, some landlords were hesitant to rent to homeless veterans, but the Board of Supervisors tapped into one-time general fund resources to cover security deposits and other costs to help landlords feel more secure in leasing to them.

“There is no greater honor than to offer our veterans the assistance and support they deserve,” said Fourth District Supervisor Curt Hagman. “I am extremely proud to be part of the effort to end veteran homelessness in San Bernardino County. Our County’s goal to house all of our veterans is ongoing, and I hope to find additional ways to assist those who have so valiantly served this great nation.”

Said Board of Supervisors Vice Chairman Robert Lovingood: “I want to thank everyone who helped San Bernardino County achieve this impressive accomplishment. Every veteran deserves to receive the help they have earned and we’re doing exactly that.”

Philip Mangano, a national expert on homelessness and CEO of the American Round Table to Abolish Homelessness, has served as a key adviser and coordinator of the effort. The County’s advisory group included private partners such as the California Apartment Association, which helped communicate the need to landlords to address and remove impediments to housing.

Advisory group members also included the Housing Authority of San Bernardino County, the County offices of Community Development and Housing, Veterans Affairs, Behavioral Health, Homeless Services, Sheriff, Workforce Investment Board and Public Health.

LightHouse Social Service Centers, Loma Linda University Health, National CORE, Arrowhead United Way, Goodwill of Southern California, Inland Valley Hope Partners and the Faith Advisory Council participated in the advisory board.

Tails are Waggin’ as VVAPL Rings in the New Year

As VVAPL Humane Society closes out a “Pawtastic” 2015, tails are waggin’ in anticipation of 2016.

Finding forever homes is always top priority, and VVAPL left no stone unturned attending many off-site adoption events and partnering with rescues to find homes for their pets. The four PetSmart National Adoption Weekends alone garnered homes for over 200 cats and dogs, and rescue organizations from California and Nevada found homes for 170 dogs. In total, 1,472 pets found their forever homes in 2015.

The Holiday Food Drive raised close to 6,000 pounds of pet food, resulting in the 2nd annual FREE pet adoption event. Thirty dogs and 102 cats found forever homes at no charge to their pet parents.
VVAPL Ambassador Dog Millie educated over 3,000 children through the C.A.R.E.S. Animal Safety/Responsible Pet Ownership program with the help of Adelanto Animal Care & Control and Mojave River Watershed Group.

The humane society continues to work to end pet overpopulation through community outreach and their spay/neuter clinic, performing 3,200 surgeries in 2015.

With a generous truck donation from Southwest Gas, VVAPL’s Dogs on the Go Mobile Adoption Vehicle will travel to their inaugural adoption event in February 2016 – Apple Valley PetSmart’s National Adoption Weekend.
Returning pets to their owners continues to be a huge obstacle due to lack of pet identification. March 2016, VVAPL will launch Chip & Return, a low-cost microchip program. Microchipping, a permanent form of identification, increases the chance a lost pet will be returned to their owner if found.

VVAPL Humane Society is thankful to everyone who had a part in the many successes of 2015 and looks forward to more in 2016 as they continue to…Make A Difference One Life At A Time.

VVAPL Humane Society is a nonprofit located at 21779 Zuni Road in Apple Valley. For information call 760/247-2102, visit www.vvapl.com to view animals, and like us on Facebook.

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